Powerful money conversations to help you grow

Mix, mingle, and talk money in a safe, supported space.

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Talking about money can be downright therapeutic

Walk away feeling rejuvenated.

Maybe it’s because you realize you're not alone and see that everyone has complicated emotions around money. Maybe it’s the simple act of talking about a topic that gives us so much anxiety that allows us to let go some of the stress and guilt about our money habits. Whatever the case, Money & Mingle can be the first step towards financial wellness.

Walk away feeling rejuvenated.

People want to talk about money but don't know where to start.

Money and Mingle may be perfect for you if...

  • You enjoy talking about money or you're ready to try it.
  • You're curious about how others manage money.
  • You're ready to rewire the part of you that says: 'I'm not good with money'.
  • You want an experienced financial coach to answer your questions
Money and Mingle may be perfect for you if...

I Love Money and Mingle because...

  • These conversations can quiet the feelings of shame and anxiety often associated with finances.
  • Participants leave with a renewed sense of optimism and a readiness to make proactive changes.
  • There is a true feeling of camaraderie as we become connected in ways we've never experienced before.
I Love Money and Mingle because...

Ready to feel good about money?

Let's talk. Feel in control and make intentional decisions that align with the life you want to live.