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Whether you need a custom money plan or simply have a couple questions about your finances, you’re in the right place.

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With money being the #1 cause of stress in America, it’s an expensive decision to “wing” your finances.

Did you know...?

  • 90% of Americans say money impacts their stress level
  • 25% of Americans make purchases they later regret
  • 65% feel financial difficulties are piling up and can’t overcome them
Did you know...?

You're not alone.

  • A staggering 57% of Americans lack emergency savings.
  • Countless others can’t afford to retire and find themselves working well into their 70s.
  • For many, a single unexpected event or injury could spell financial disaster.
You're not alone.

“I've never seen my finances broken down so clearly.”

The clarity session was incredibly insightful for me! There were two best things about the session for me - the compartmentalization you provided of where my expenses are going (I've never seen my finances broken down so clearly) and the ideas you gave me about the kid's schooling and retirement.”

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Amber P.

So, kudos to you for taking the first step to managing your money with confidence!

There's a better way, and I can help.

I get it -- diving into finances can trigger stress, anxiety, and even guilt. But it’s so much better than doing nothing and blindly hoping for the best. So, sit back and grab some coffee as I walk you through how I can help and whether this is right for you. Because here’s what most people don’t realize about managing their money with confidence...

There's a better way, and I can help.

When you manage your money with confidence, you can stress less and live in alignment with your values.

What does that mean exactly? It means...

  • No more wondering whether you can afford it.
  • No more impulse purchases you regret.
  • No more stressful fights with your spouse.
  • And no more sleepless nights over rising credit card bills.
What does that mean exactly? It means...

It also means...

  • Finally taking that family vacation!
  • Putting retirement plans on autopilot.
  • Spending abundantly on things that bring you joy.
It also means...

The 60-Minute Power Hour Process

#1 Schedule Your Session

You schedule a time to meet, share some details about your needs, and agree to the terms.

#2 Complete the Prep Work

I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete before your meeting.

#3 Meet Your Money Coach

During our Power Hour, I will answer as many of your questions as possible. Many questions are layered and require great detail, which is why we can typically cover 2-3 questions during our call. You will receive a written action plan based on the discussion.

The 60-Minute Power Hour Details

60-Minute Power Hour

Perfect for individuals or couples who need a kickstart or quick check-in about your finances. Whether you need help identifying your financial goals, planning for a big purchase, or understanding your investment options, I can help.

60-Minute Power Hour

“Very easy to follow and accessible.”

The way you explained concepts and terms was very easy to follow and made it feel accessible... It helped answer some burning questions I've had for a while that were on the back burner.

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Clare C.

All About the Clarity Session - Deep Dive, Make a Plan, Implement

#1 Explore Your Mindset

What are your feelings towards money, and what's the story behind them?

#2 Your Values, Goals, & Priorities

What do you value? What goals do you want to achieve? What are the priorities in your life right now?

#3 Examine Your Money Snapshot

Together, we’ll look at your monthly and yearly income, expenses, savings, investments, and debt.

#4 Create An Intentional Money Plan

​We'll define the purpose of your money and craft a plan that maximizes its potential to secure what you value most.

#5 Use Money Tracking Software

Categorize expenses, monitor transactions, and track progress towards your savings goals. Available at no cost during the four week session.

#6 30-Day Check-in

Stay on track with a 30-day review. We'll assess your progress, adjust strategies if needed, ensuring your plan remains dynamic and effective.

The Clarity Sessions Details

Clarity Session

These are perfect for individuals or couples who want a holistic understanding of their financial situation and plan of action to improve their financial journey. Come with questions and leave with a definitive plan to set you on your path to reaching your “big dream” goals. A Clarity Session includes 2 video coaching calls, money tracking software for 1 month, email and text support, action steps, and accountability support.

Clarity Session

The Confidence Sessions Process

#1 Complete Your Clarity Session

The first step to confidence is clarity. Understand your mindset, your numbers, and your goals.

#2 Build Your Financial Habits & Knowledge

Learn a system and how to implement it to save more, pay off debt, and make your money work for you.

#3 Reach Your Money Goals

Make your goals a reality by following the step-by-step plan created for you.

The Confidence Sessions Details

Confidence Sessions

Perfect if you are ready to truly transform your finances. Get organized, create a long-term plan, and get the right guidance and accountability to reach your goals in this on-going program. *The first step is completing the Clarity Sessions.

Confidence Sessions

“I grew up feeling very insecure about money, and that feeling trickled into my adult life.”

Even though my husband and I were making good money, we still had an excess of debt and it oddly felt like we were living paycheck to paycheck. But I was extremely uncomfortable and resistant to having the difficult money discussions – that is until I met Natasha. She was warm and understanding, and she inspired me to change my relationship with money.

She could tell spreadsheets were not doing it for me and changed her approach. Because of this, I had a major breakthrough, and I’m so relieved to say I’m in a much better place. I'll be honest, the process was not easy. But had we waited any longer, things could have gotten really bad for our family, and I can’t imagine the stress we would have been under.

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April S.

83% of people who set financial goals feel better about their finances in just one year.

How would that feel?

That’s an incredibly promising statistic and one that should bring you hope! But just as vitamins don’t result in instant physical health, true financial health needs a well-rounded approach tailored to the life you dream of. So be consistent and intentional with your finances, and soon enough, you’ll be managing your money with confidence.

How would that feel?

Ready to feel good about money?

Let's talk. Feel in control and make intentional decisions that align with the life you want to live.